Strict criteria is met to make a HCC donor. 75”TTT minimum, uniformity, fertility, strong milking ability, small udder size, and pedigree are tops on the list.


When it comes to heifers, we live by the motto, “START FAST! FINISH STRONG! EVERYTHING COUNTS!”


Hicks Cattle Company has been a family operation since 1991. In the beginning, there was no farm name because it began as 4 kids bottle feeding Holstein calves before and after school. Before long, bottle calves grew into stocker cattle. As the years progressed, so did the cattle. By the late 90’s the Hicks family had a solid herd of registered Gelbvieh and registered Angus. When the youngest son, Brett, began high school, the Angus has taken over the pastures and show ring. That is where the farm stayed for the next 20 years. Steadily progressing in genetics through ET, AI, and the purchase of some of the top cattle in the business. All that came to an end in 2019.

In 2019, Richard and Brett Hicks purchased 8 registered longhorns to decorate the front pasture at the original farm where Richard and Debora live. Within a year, it was out with the old and in with the new. Holding a few angus cattle back as recips, the rest of the herd was dispersed and the Longhorns came rolling in.

Longhorns took the heart of the Hicks family. They are hardy animals, easy calvers, healthy beef producers. What sealed the deal was the morning Debora (Nana) Hicks was drinking coffee on the back porch in the early morning when she saw the small heard of longhorns walking up through the lower valley surrounded by fog. “Butter” was leading the herd up to water and it took the heart of the matriarch of the Hicks family.
What Nana wants, Nana gets and here we are. We look forward to years of growing the best longhorn cattle available.

God - Family - Longhorns!!